Unlock the 5 Best-Kept Secrets to Grow Sales with a Spa Retail Event

You will learn 5 ways my clients & I are using events to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales, so you never have to worry about slow seasons again.

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Hi, I'm Bobby Schandra

World-renowned retail expert and founder of the Profitable Spa Events Blueprint. Retailers and Spa businesses come to me when they are looking to get more clients and grow their sales.

The "5 Secrets to Grow Sales with Spa Retail Events" PDF are just a few tips from my Profitable Spa Events Blueprint course, which is responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of additional sales.

Without it, you will waste your time wondering how to create ways to generate massive income with your spa or salon business. 

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork and finally have the answers you need to be the top salon or spa in your area. 

Download the PDF for some awesome tips from the course. Use and Enjoy!

Here's to your success!

What INDUSTRY LEADERS Have To Say About Bobby

"Thanks to Bobby's strategic approach to events we are consistently growing our sales and are now rated one of the top spas in our city!"

Carolyn Walker Founder of Primped

Bobby is a master at growing sales, he understands the sale function and is one of the most talented person I know when it comes to flooding your business with incredible clients!

David Lopez, Harvard MBA & Former VP Neiman Marcus

"We were blown away! We just completed our first event using the Spa Retail Event Blueprint and We were highly profitable.  We cant wait for our next event!"

Dr. Lauren, Shine Natural Medicine 

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